More than just good food for kitty.

We are Known by…

We are Known by our words and our deeds.

I have sprayed some wd40 on my door of change.

A Pastor/friend of mine once said, “some folks tend to leave claw marks on the door of change”.

There was a lot of nervous laughter that Sunday.

But I bet it struck a true note for many.

Every day I go to work, I come home with a story of some person that I met or some “exchange”, (pleasant or not) that I survived.

This is my first blog (as such)… bear with me.

I’m gonna work backwards.

         Just today, a fellow presented me with an opportunity to do more of what I like.

No pressure. Easy. I just had to say, “Yes”. Once I did that, I had a warm diner and looked forward to a safe ride home. My mind just filling with how many other things I could……right here, right now. So I can begin to look forward to more hot, healthy meals and fill my time with more healing creativity.

I’m going to begin by making this blog thing look good.

Happy New Year and pray for me.




When I first started making these, I made them so one could wear them as everyday jewelry. So one could take a prayer break at any time.
I always begin these at the focal piece. The act of creating these is a prayer in itself. I consult with each person who orders one.

Andrea Pinkett at The Showboat

I remember saying….then, “Oh, I can die now”. My dreams had come true on sooooo many levels. I wish I could take those words back because after that “run”, I died!! Left to try and experience joy in the aftermath of “ME”. Life without applause. The only reason I awake now is to feed the cat and yell “NEXT”!!